The Complete Guide To Texas Rig Fishing

Many experienced people said that Texas rig fishing with soft baits is one of the easiest ways to catch fish effectively.

But, how to set up this type of rig, especially for those who are beginners in fishing?

You do not have to find the information anymore, everything is on this blog. Keep reading it and practice now.

texas rig fishing

What is Texas Rig Fishing And Why Is It So Popular?

Firstly, for those who do not know about it, Texas rig fishing is a technique in which people use soft plastic bait to catch fish. To detail, that bait is a lure and can be used without getting caught or hanging up on something when you cast down the rig.

This technique is very suitable for fishing basses because this kind of fish often finds food and lurks among weeds, under docks in the sea. If you want to fish for basses, you should equip this useful type of rig for yourself.

Moreover, this Texas rig fishing can be applied in another case. You can catch some other kinds of fish if they live deep in the sea. Otherwises, the fish which like to lurk can be caught easily by this technique.

Set Up Texas Rig Fishing

setup texas rig

There are three techniques that we would like to show you to set up the right Texas rig fishing, including: Weightless Rig, Finesse Rig, Flipping And Pitching.

1. Weightless Rig

weightless rig with bait

If you want to catch fish in the shallow areas, the Weightless way will be helpful. Plus, this type is also beneficial when you find bass around the spawn. In contrast, they also live in some creeks to find food in fall and prepare before the winter.

Besides that, the Weightless is a skillful way to cheat the bass because when the bait falls down slowly to the water, the bass will be difficult to realize and bite the bait more tightly.

We suggest you appreciate plastic baits, worms, and flukes as the bait if you choose this technique for bass fishing. In addition, we want to show you some kind of bait that you can consider before fishing for the first time.

For example with some names, Yamamoto Senko, Keitech Sexy Impact, or classic trick worms, etc. Also, try the fluke with this technique and we assure you will not regret. Use worm hook type to combine with the fake bait.

2. Finesse Texas Rig Fishing

Similar to the name “Finesse”, you need to add some bullets with extremely light weight in front of your rig which already has soft plastic bait. The ideal bullets are the tungsten warhead sink 1/8 oz in size.

After sliding up on the mainline, you have to tie it on a 3/0 offset worm hook. Then, attach it to a light spinning rod (6 or 8 lbs fluorocarbon line).

finesse texas rig

For this type of rig, the best bait for you is the craw which looks like Beavers. There are so many kinds of craw in the fishing store, but you should choose the 3-inch craws due to the most suitable size.

About the hook, we highly recommend a smaller 2/0 offset worm hook to make the technique done properly.

3. Flipping And Pitching

flipping and pitching

This way can be seen as an improvement of the traditional one. You should use a straight shank hook instead of a normal one and combine it with a solid heavier tungsten weight because you can cast down the bait more exactly and drag your trophy easier with the heavier weight. The ideal weight is 3/8 oz but you can make it heavier if you want.

We suggest preparing solid baits, such as lizards, craw imitations, and big worms if you decide to apply the Flipping And Pitching technique. Another kind of bait for you is a Havoc Pit Boss, or a Megabass Bottle Shrimp. Many basses will be the victims because of your setup.

How To Drop The Bait To Catch Fish Easily?

After setting up the Texas rig fishing, you need to know more about the way to drop your bait. If you follow our guide, you will be a successful angler with a large number of bass when you come back home.

big bass

1. Dragging The Bait

In this way of catching bait, you will cast the mainline with the bait and let it rest under the water. Drag the bait slowly along the bottom for 2 or 3 feet, then stop all action until any bass bites your bait. If you have to wait too long, you can do it again.

2. Lifting and Dropping

When you want to fish for basses in clear water, this way is very suitable. Dropping the bait is like the Dragging way, but you need to pull up the line quickly for around 2 feet.

Next, let the bait fall slowly to the bottom of the water. The bass will wait and take over when the bait comes back. Moreover, you can shake for 2 times while your bait is falling to increase the success.

3. Swimming Baits

This is the best way for all anglers, especially during the spring season. finding the location of the bass before dropping any baits. Then, winding the mainline and changing its speed in many depths of the water.

If you see they do not take over your bait, you should try to play a racing game with them a little bit and get their attention.

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Some Tips That You Should Know

To help you be more successful with Texas rig fishing, we want to show you some useful tips below.

  • Do not be scared about your bait when you have to drop it into deep water because these baits are designed to use in even deep water and catch basses.
  • You can make the water clear if you add and drop Glass Bead into your bait and weight. Thanks to the Glass Bead, it will create a little clicking noise to help not only clean the water but also get the basses’ attention.

glass bead with rig fishing

  • Plus, if possible, you should add a Punching Skirt between your bait and the weight. It will help your bait move freely through any obstacle under the water.

So, this is your time to be a successful angler! We hope you can gain more knowledge and experience after practicing our guide about Texas rig fishing. Good luck!