Bass Fishing: Everything About Shaky Head Jig

Fishing for a bass is never difficult with a shaky head jig!

But, what do you know about this shaky head, do not worry! We are here with many useful information for you, especially if you are a beginner in bass fishing.

Check them now!

shaky head jig

What Is A Shaky Head Jig?

A shaky head jig is a light weight leadhead which has the common ounce sizes around 1/16 or 1/4. The ball-shaped jig is combined with a light wire bass style hook.

Moreover, it is used with plastic baits and attaches the bait fit and tightly. When using a shaky head, you should affix the eye position of the bait into it in a horizontal manner. It helps the jig stand up when put on the bottom.

The Function Of Shaky Head Jig

bass with shaky head jig

Although the shaky head is not the most powerful fishing technique, it has its own benefits:

  • It helps you to catch fish which are inactive. Plus, you can fish in the winter with this technique.
  • It can be a technique to catch bass effectively in comparison to Texas fishing rigs
  • You do not need to cover your bait in the water  if you choose this technique
  • .Everything you need is to find the location of the bass. and set up shaky before fishing.  

Prepare For A Shaky Head

1. Shaky Jig Head

three shaky heads

3/16 oz is the ideal size for a jig head or it can be lighter. You should avoid the head which is heavier than 1/4 oz. You can find this head size in fishing stores and online buying websites. Plus, the common color of the head is often green and black.

2.  The Bait

plastic baits

The best plastic bait should be thin and have a subtle appearance. You can choose between 3 and 5 inches in length which is the most common form of a worm. Besides that, focusing on the natural looking of the bait is also important to catch bass easily.

3. Spinning And Line

Using spinning gear and light line is great options for this technique. You can prefer the six and a half or 7 foot length of spinning rods with medium to light in size. Plus, combining with high quality fishing reels is also needed to provide smooth drags with cranking power.

fluorocarbon line

We recommend you buy Bass Pro Shops Excel Monofilament fishing line type which is in 6-8 pounds as well as solid diameter braid fishing line. If you like the fluorocarbon line, focus on the leading part of the package.

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Best Setup Shaky Head Jig

Step 1.First, you need to screw the bait of the jig head. Some people often glue them down but we think it is necessary.

Step 2. Then, bury the hook into the bait to make it weedless. This is time fishing! See the picture below as an example:

shaky head jig setup

Setting up a great shaky head jig is very easy, right? The habit of the bass often feeds their tail up and heads down in the mud. So, the bait you prepare should imitate the way that a fish forages on the bottom.

Note: If the location you fish is very rocky, you can lose some bait the first time. So, this kind of bait works better in flat areas than rocky places.

When You Should Apply This Technique?

Although you can use shaky head throughout the year, spring is still considered the great period, especially during the spawn and post spawn of the bass. Experienced people suggest you choose a shaky head worm to catch a bass who secures its offspring.

fish bass in spring

In addition, the early fall is the time when you can find many bass around docks and sunken brush piles. They move from the depths to the surface when the water begins to cool. Observe your target and drop the bait as close as possible.

To know the shaky head jig better and gain more tips, you can see this video:

That is all about the shaky head jig we want to share with you. If you have not tried this technique, practice now after seeing our blog and ready for next bass fishing trips!