Crawfish (Crayfish or Crawdads) are found in many water areas in the U.S.A and also some other countries.

People like to catch them not only to make tasty dishes but also to try an interesting experience. Some others feed them as pets. But, how to catch crawfish?

There are so many ways to take this creature from its living location. Check them now!

how to catch crawfish

Choose A Suitable Technique To Catch Crawfish

Knowing which type you can catch crawfish is very important. Depending on your desire, you can choose one of the three types below:

1. Using String And Bait

This is the easiest way and you can try it with your family members as an entertainment activity. Equipment you will need are a fishing pole, rod, string, ​or fishing line, and of course the bait.

catch crawfish by fishing rod

To attach the bait tightly when fishing, you can also add a  hook or a safety pin to your fishing rod.  In that way, the bait will not slip out and prevent the crawfish from getting away from your rod.

Drop your mainline with bait into the water and shake it lightly around 1 to 2 inches to attract the crawfish. When you feel your string begin to tug, try to move it close to your location as fast as possible.

Then, gently pull the crawfish out of the water and put them into a bucket that you bring on your side. If you have a fishnet with a  long handle, you can use it to pick up crawfish after they bite your bait.

2. Catching By Traps

If you want to catch a large number of them without waiting too long, a trap is the best option for you.

We would like to share with you two kinds of traps, including "close traps" and "open ones".  Recently, many places began to use a modern trap that has a funnel on the end to attract the crawfish but prevent their escape.  

crawfish in trap

The trick for you is to avoid using square-shaped traps because they can catch at the bottom of the water or can be broken while you put them into the water.

You should prefer cylindrical, conical, or beehive traps. Plus, the best trap will have height, width, and depth not longer than 3 feet.

You should prepare the bait before catching crawfish. Check your trap first because some of them already have hooks to attach bait but the others do not and need to use bait boxes or jars.

If you use open traps, you have to take them from the water for several hours at a time to assure there is enough bait. However, close traps can be left overnight and waste less effort. If you are lucky, you can get up to 20 pounds of crawfish for a trap.

3. Getting By Hands

be careful take them by hands

You can simply use your hand to catch them but be careful with their sharp claws.

Find their location which is near the rocks in shallow pools and popular because of the large number of crawfish in there. They tend to hide under rocks and other creatures in that shallow area.

When you see them, lift up the rock and catch them gently and slowly. If you try to do it quickly, you make them scared and will stir up mud that can obstruct your vision.

Besides using your hand to catch directly, you can use a stick and bring by side a small bucket. Put the bucket lightly behind the crawfish around 4 to 6 inches.

After that, give a light tap in front of it or wave your stick. The crawfish swim backward so they will swim to your bucket easily.

Observe carefully before dipping your hand into the water because they can pinch your hand to protect themselves.

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Which Bait Suit Them?

We highly recommend you use some pieces of fish, such as salmon, herring, carp, etc as the bait for crawfish. In contrast, avoid preparing squid, clams, soles, or sardines to attract them.

crawfish like live bait

Many of them like to eat raw meat, including small pieces of chicken, pork, and even cat food which is made from fish-based.

You have to keep your bait fresh before luring them because they do not like old and spoiled things.

Essential Tips When Catching Crawfish

After understanding how to catch crawfish, this is the time to look at some useful tips and tricks to get the highest result without any problems.

using traps to catch crawfish

  • In some places, they have some regulations about catching fish and also crawfish, so you need to find out the information about the fishing license and prepare it.
  • Because the locations were catching crawfish have many others, you should engrave on or attach your name and address to the trap.
  • The ideal period for catching many crawfish is between April and early October when they are most active.
  • If possible, you can set up your trap at dusk and come back in the early morning because crawfish are nocturnal.
  • You should tie a piece of string tied around a cork to help it float on the water. In that way, you can find your trap easier in the morning. But it is possible to catch this creature in daylight.
  • We highly recommend you to prefer bait boxes because when the crawfish eat in the box, the scent of bait will come out more and attract them better.
  • If you want to use live bait, you should keep it correctly by the way we have shown you above.

That is everything about how to catch crawfish that you should know before preparing any experience with this creature. We hope this information will be helpful for you to be a great crawfish catcher.