Cane Pole Fishing And Everything You Should Know

Nowadays, people tend to use modern rig fishing because they suppose the traditional one is not effective anymore. But, it is not a fact, cane pole fishing is still used commonly.

With no experienced people, they like fishing with this tool because they have not gotten acquainted with the machine one.

So, now, let’s turn back time and see some new information about cane pole fishing.

cane pole fishing

Information About Cane Pole Fishing

cane pole fishing

Firstly, we would like to describe this fishing tool. To make this cane pole fishing, they will use a large stick (common material is bamboo pole) and attach a line at the end of that stick. This mainline is often the same length or even longer in some cases. Of course, the hook and bait are very necessary which are at the end of the mainline.

If you want to "still-fish", cane pole fishing is an ideal tool for you. It is typically used to fish panfish species.

1. By Bamboo Material

With bamboo material, they usually use solid and strong ones that help them to drag the fish easily. There are 4 types of bamboo poles which are Dendrocalamus Strictus, Bambusa Tulda, and Bambusa Arundinacea. Besides that, when you choose solid bamboo, you can maintain it for a long time. The length of the rig depends on your desire but, the common range is from 24 to 25 feet.

2. Treated vs. Untreated Bamboo - What You Should Choose?

We highly recommend you to choose the cane pole with which its material is treated because the producer removed many insects and fungi from their product.

It means that the tool can be used for a long time and not meet any problems, for example, damaged or degraded by insects.

If you are not lucky, you should treat your tool with leaching, smoking, borax, etc when you see any threat with it.

3. Telescopic Cane Poles

This is a modern kind of cane pole that is made from fiberglass or graphite material. Each of them has a different diameter and you can connect them together to be a complete cane pole before fishing.

This new invention is very useful because it is compact and solid. Besides that, it is one of the best options for those who drive cars to the fishing location or backpackers.

telescopic cane pole

How To Maintain The Cane Pole?


In fact, the cane pole can break if you do not know how to maintain it, especially if it is an untreated one. You should clean it regularly with a dry towel. Besides that, avoid putting it in water, hot car for a long time. To keep it effective, be careful when using it and do not try to bend it.

How To Rig Your Cane Pole?

We would like to share with you the way to rig your cane pole before fishing for any creatures. It may be a little bit different from the standard setup. Sometimes, it can be quite new with some of you!

1. Wrapping The Tool

dacron uses for fishing

If you don’t have a telescopic cane pole, wrapping the tool will help your pole endures the pull of the fish and will not break while you capture them. You should take some dacron and start to wrap it from the base handle or on the halfway up of the tool.

Then, tie a knot when you finish as an anchor point. Your line is still attached to the other part even if the pole is broken.

Next, continue to wrap the dacron and leave about one or two inches between the wraps. tie a knot at the top and the end of the pole after finishing the wraps.  

2. Leader And Tackle

In this step, you need to take some monofilament and then tie a loop knot at one end. Make a connection between this loop and the dacron loop before. Move to the other end, you should put a hook, some split shot weight, and a bobber on the top.

Now, you have set up everything for fishing!

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Catching Fish With Cane Pole Fishing

1. How To Catch Fish?

With cane pole fishing, you do need to worry about the common problems with the reel. However, you still can catch many kinds of fish with the bait, such as Bass, Crappie, Bluegill, Trout, and Catfish. Everything you need to do is to put the bait into the hook and drop it lightly into the water.

Patience is very essential to be a successful angler. When you realize any sign of biting the bait, gently pull up on the pole in order to catch fish.

Pull up the pole in the air instead of trying to fight with the fish. If the fish is not heavy, we believe that you can easily take it from the water into your hand.

2. The Jigger Poles Technique

This is a traditional technique and is typically applied with largemouth bass. You have to be careful and drop the bait close to the place where basses lurk.

The anglers will prepare a floating minnow-shaped plug (part of a fish belly) or some small pieces of pork meat to attach to the hook.

Then, they sit on a small boat and move the bait along the lurking-place of the basses. But, this way just works when the water is not clear.


Using cane pole fishing is very exciting and we suggest you should try it if you are a person who loves fishing. Will you use it for your next fishing trip?