Best Crappie Lures For You

Crappie is arguably the most non-challenging type of fish to catch. They are active all year round and can be found almost everywhere in US water. And if you look into our article on several crappie fishing tips, things will get even relaxing.

However, practical skill combined with the right tool and tool set would help you even further. Once you have mastered the basic, you should continue to learn to manage your tool box so you can prepare for any situation. 

Pay attention the lures you use

Just like human, fish have taste too. Some fish are quite picky, they only go for what suits their body’s need. Some on the other hand, are easy-going eaters, they can practically go after anything that moves the underwater.

With no surprise, our familiar crappie fish are the latter, that is how they’ve become so easy to catch. Basically, with almost any crappie lures, you are on the upper hand.

That being said, we have scouted around and picked out for you what we think are the best out there. The crappie lures in this article are one of the best that helps make your fishing game a joyful high-rewarded trip.

Fishing Jigs

Fishing Jigs are until now, the most widely used artificial lure for crappie out in the field. Your advantage with this is that they come with thousands of choices of styles and colors.

The materials of the jigs range from rubber, plastic, floss, chenille, tinsel, marabou, rubber bands, hair, and numerous others.

There are jigs with curly tails, ripple tails, broad tails and triple tails. For the head there are jigs with lead heads, standing heads, floating heads diving heads and; or jigs with spinners and without spinners; weedless jigs and those that aren't.

Fishing Jigs

The weight is no less diverse. Most would go from 1/80 up to 1/8 ounce, occasionally up to 1/4 ounce. Ninety percent of jigs are 1/32-ounce.

The most suitable advice here is that you should carry several types of jig to prepare for multiple situations. The best jig you can have is the one that gives you the most confidence. Try several varieties, and most likely but gradually, one will soon become your favorite. 

Now let’s take a look at some of the best crappie lures

Blakemore Road Runner Crappie Lure

The Road Runner jig has been trusted since ever and has a reputation for catching a variety of fish – not just crappies.

This crappie lure has a wide range of colors. Body configurations come in all shape, too. There are ones with tube lure styles, curly-tail soft plastic grubs, and ones with chenille bodies and wispy marabou tails.

Blakemore Road Runner Crappie Lure

One of the lure’s feature is an oversized hook that makes hooking fish easy. But it’s the small single spinner incorporated into the jig head of the Road Runner that stands itself out of so many competitors.

The spinner’s colors vary. It possesses hammered or shiny willow leaf and Indiana blade configurations.

Skipper’s Moon Jig

These jigs’ history date back to the late 1980s in Wisconsin. Obviously, the color range of choices is large

They are in 1/8- and 1/16-ounce sizes, that easily accompany a minnow or soft plastic grub by large-gap quality Mustad hooks.

Skipper’s Moon Jig

Moon jigs have an unusually smooth, you know, half-moon shape. It makes them work so well for trolling. As a result, they’re ideal for either spider rigging or pulling lures techniques.

Skipper’s models are remnants from the ice fishing world, and they belong to the most popular styles of panfishing on hard water.

Baby Shad

The Baby Shad’s literally lives up to its name in term of size, very small. Its profile suggest a baby shad or young minnow; and the spike tail provides extraordinarily subtle action, matching exactly the same action a natural baby shad would make.

Baby Shad

The solid body and minor size of a Baby Shad allow it to go with a variety of head sizes for working a range of depths and adjusting the aggressiveness of the movement.

The design also supports single color or laminate colors. The two-tone laminate colors is plus for forage matches and for contrasting colors that increase visibility.


The Stroll’R resembles the relatively same figure as the Baby Shad, so the front-end is basically on the same term.

On the other hand, the tail makes this bait ½ inch longer as a distinction, along with the big tail bend and swim foot.


This is to create a strong thumping action and make it look larger. Even so, the Stroll’R keeps its image as small figures that the crappie still think it’s an easy goal.

The most important original design aim, which the Stroll’R delivers on high standard, was to create a bait that would have a heavy thumping action and swim correctly even at very slow speeds.

Low speeds and easy action makes a Stroll’R ideal for spider rigging, long-lining and for slow casting presentations. A Stroll’R is a perfect and effective spring crappie lure choice for any approach where the bait stays on the move most of the time.

Pile Diver

The Pile Diver, although is small in size, only 2 ½ inches long; it creates remarkable action in the amount of vibration.

It gives out a large figure for a crappie fishing lure. As a creature bait that corresponds a suitable size for crappie, the Pile Diver can suggest a small crawfish or an aquatic insect.

Pile Diver

The Pile Diver configurations include twin curled ribbon-style tails and stubby legs, with swim paddles at the ends. The tails flap freely, and the legs vibrate repeatedly.

Meanwhile the deeply ribbed body builds bulk, combines water movement into it and provides good position to add Slab Jam or another attractant.

Crappie Shooter

With its easily seen features: flat on the top and bottom, a Crappie Shooter looks distinct as the name suggests.

The design for this crappie lure aids dock shooters to compensate the easy skip movement on the flat sides. This is vital for getting the lure far deep into under docks, where crappie like to hide.



This same design adds an extra value during early spring as well. The flat sides of a Crappie Shooter cause it to fall with a slow flutter, highly effectively mimics a shad that is struggling in the cold water or even dying.

The Crappie Shooter maintains a small profile at 1.5 inches and is most often accompanied by a light jighead.

With this list of crappie lures, you can start out your arsenal for catching this fish. Like we said, try out a couple of the lure types, and figure what works best for you. Almost certainly one would eventually sticks to you as your most confident choice.